Name Kaoru Ichikawa
Birthplace Shizuoka, Japan
Education 1985-1989) BSc, Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science, Kyoto Univ., Japan
1989-1990) MSc, School of Ocean Sciences, University College of North Wales, U.K.
1991-1995) PhD, Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science,
Kyoto Univ.
, Japan
Jobs 1994-1997) Assistant Prof., Dept. of Civil and Env. Engin., Faculty of Engin., Ehime Univ.
1997-        ) Associate Prof., Res. Inst. for Appl. Mech., Kyushu Univ.
also, as an educational staff in Intedeciplinary Graduate School of Engin. Sc., Kyushu Univ.
2000-2010) Part-time researcher, Res. Inst. for Global Change, JAMSTEC
Awards 2001) Okada Prize from the Japanese Oceanographic Society for “Researches on sea surface variations as seen by satellite altimetry
data”2023) 52th Prix de la Société Franco-Japonaise d’Océanographie (French-Japanese Oceanographic Society Prize)  for “Series of researches on sea surface height detected by remote sensing”

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